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4th of July is coming!

Northwest FC participates in the 4th of July parade every year. It has become a fun and productive event for the club. It’s a great opportunity to get out and interact with the community. We get to see a bunch of happy people and they get to associate our names with the club they all see us get in our cars to go play for.  Each year has seen better and better participation but this year we were hoping to set a club record for turnout.

We get together a week or two before the event and build a float. Last year we had kids and coaches, moms and Dads and kids alike all chipping in. This year we’d like to make the project something we could possibly enter in the contest again.

So put the week on your calendar and try and come out if you can, we will have more details as the event draws closer including float building parties. We’d love to see you and we’d love some help from anyone who’s had experience making floats before. The more the merrier, we hope to see you!